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Gleneagles Hotel

The Gleneagles Hotel is one of Scotland's most famous landmarks and in 1999 celebrates 75 years at the forefront of sporting and service excellence. The Gleneagles Hotel is a beautifully illustrated, high-quality book describing the rich and varied history of the hotel. Introduction; The Highland Palace. Chapter One, The Sum of the Parts: 24 hours in the life of the hotel. Chapter Two; The Early Years: A photographic summary of how the hotel looked 75 years ago and how it looks and works today. Chapter Three; The War Years: From Hotel to Hospital: The history of the Hotel through the 1930s: the army's secondment of the hotel during WWII and the re-establishment of the Hotel. Chapter Four; The Post-War Years. Chapter Five; The Gleneagles Experience: Reminiscenses from guests and staff, past and present. Chapter Six; Golf at Gleneagles: Golf is perhaps the sport most closely associated with Gleneagles and the hotel grounds contain a number of world-ranking courses. Chapter Seven; This Sporting Life: Gleneagles is also home to the Jackie Stewart Shooting School and is a traditional hunting, shooting and fishing centre. Archive material and memories of early guests are used to show how these country pursuits have developed at the Hotel over the years. Chapter Eight; The New Millennium. The Gleneagles Hotel: 75 Years of Scottish Excellence.

St Andrews Old Course

The Book Of St Andrews

Its ecclesiastical significance dates as far back as the fourth century, when St Regulus is claimed to have brought the relics of the saint there; its cultural importance dates from the early fifteenth century, when the world-famous university was founded there. More recently, since the seventeenth century, it has been well known as a centre for golf. This selection of short stories and essays is a wonderful literary celebration of this historic and venerable city which explore the multiple facets of its life and history It includes contributions from a wide range of authors, including A.L. Kennedy, Robert Fergusson, Alastair Reid, Ian Rankin, Samuel Johnson, Robert Burns, Don Paterson, Robert Louis Stevenson, Edwin Morgan, Hugh MacDiarmid, Willa Muir, Douglas Dunn, Anna Crowe, Meagan Delahunt, Seamus Heaney, Rudyard Kipling, Kathleen Jamie, Liz Lochhead, J.M. Barrie, Meg Bateman and even Homer. The Book of St Andrews.

St Andrews Map

This map is part of St Andrews, and area, is part of the Ordnance Survey's Explorer series. At 1:25,000 scale this detailed map shows a host of St Andrews attractions including gardens which are open to the public, nature reserves and country parks as well as all official footpaths, bridleways, roads and lanes. Other facilities covered include: St Andrews camping and caravan sites, picnic areas and viewpoints, and other selected places of interest. St.Andrews and East Fife: Cupar, Anstruther and Crail (Explorer).

St Andrews City

A fascinating and comprehensive history of St Andrews, from the dawn of Pictish times to the present, based on several decades of residence in the burgh and on original study of its thoroughfares and byways. The book focuses on a lively selection of colourful characters who have made St Andrews what it is, from doughty residents Sir Hugh Lyon Playfair and Cardinal Archbishop David Beaton to illustrious visitors like Mary, Queen of Scots, John Knox and Samuel Johnson. Thousands of others, from artisans to golfers, have contributed to St Andrews' past, to make it a burgh whose history forms the core of Scotland's story. St.Andrews: City by the Northern Sea.

St Andrews Jigsaw Puzzle

The most famous golf course in the world by the artist Terry Harrison. Gibsons Puzzle - St. Andrews (636 pieces).

A Season in Dornoch

In 1977, Lorne Rubenstein, an avid golfer, first travelled to Dornoch in the Scottish Highlands. Young and adrift in life, he sought to uncover an authentic sense of self and turned instinctively to a place where his beloved game was purest. The experience had a profound effect on Rubenstein. Twenty-three years later, in 2000, now an established golf writer, Rubenstein returned to Dornoch to spend an entire summer. He rented a flat with his wife close to the Royal Dornoch Golf Course and set out to explore the area on many levels. Rubenstein writes about the melancholy history of the Highland Clearances, which left stunningly beautiful landscape sparsely populated to this day. He writes about the friendly and sometimes eccentric people who love their town, their golf and their single malt whiskey and delight in sharing them with visitors whom they recognize as kindred spirits, but most of all he writes about a summer lived around golf, in a community where golf is king and the golf course is part of the common lands where townspeople stroll of an evening. Playing here, Rubenstein gradually begins to relax, to return to golf as play, as opposed to a game of analysis and effort. A Season in Dornoch: Golf and Life in the Scottish Highlands (Mainstream sport).

Secret History of Golf in Scotland

This story about golf takes place in 16th Century Scotland and is inspired by the earliest historical records about "the greatest game". In it Ian MacPherson, a dirt poor farmer and so-so golfer, decides he must win his town's annual golfing tournament or face financial ruin. Galbraith, the Scottish Laird who rules the area, has financial problems of his own and also has designs on the tournament. He hires a golfing "ringer" from Edinburgh, Black Bart, to try and steal the tournament from the locals. Along with fascinating descriptions about early golf, there is plenty of earthy humor, cruel deception and local Scottish color. The author is a descendant of the MacPherson clan and swears at least some of what happens is fact, passed down to him from family stories. Secret History of Golf in Scotland, The.

In Search of Burningbush

In Search of Burningbush is a beautifully written true-life story of an unlikely friendship between two men with nothing in common except a consuming and abiding passion for the links. In Search of Burningbush.

A Wee Nip at the 19th Hole

A thoroughly delightful and spirited romp through the subculture of St. Andrews's caddies, it fondly chronicles how toting bags at the game's hallowed birthplace grew from the province of scoundrels, some of whom literally fell down drunk on the job, to a corps of thoroughly knowledgeable professionals. Written with flair and obvious affection by the links' current caddie manager, Richard Mackenzie, A Wee Nip at the 19th Hole is both a history and reminiscence and, despite its wealth of photos and lore, it is a volume easily light enough to shoulder on your own. A Wee Nip at the 19th Hole.

Pilgrimage to the Courses of Scotland

The joy of heather, gorse and salt air blowing down the sand dunes. From the isolated Macharanish on the Kintyre penisula of Western Scotland to the blue collar resort courses of the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland. Blasted Heaths and Blessed Green: A Golfer's Pilgrimage to the Courses of Scotland.

Scottish Golf Links

Along the rugged eastern coast, from St. Andrews up to Montrose and Cruden Bay and Royal Aberdeen, "from heather, whin and sand, to points north," to Nairn and Dornoch. Then to the west coast, to Prestwick and Troon. It's not only the courses themselves that Lowe illuminates along the way, but the winding roads, the ancient villages, the farms and whiskey distilleries, and the people who call this land their home as well. Scottish Golf Links: A Photographer's Journey.

The Finest Golf Courses of Scotland

The greatest links and in land courses of Scotland and Ireland, known for their character, sparkle, fascination, challenge, and history. Filled with more original photography than anyone has seen in eons, and written in the wonderfully impassioned voice of a legendary golf raconteur, the book provides not only on the course secrets but also off the course ideas for the full luxury golf holiday experience, in person or armchair. Where Golf Is Great: The Finest Courses of Scotland and Ireland.

Old Course St Andrews

If there is a single course in the entire world that most golfers aspire to play just once in their lifetime, it is the Old Course at St Andrews.

Colchester Caledonian Society

Perthshire Chauffeur Drive at Gleneagles